Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Good Shepherd

Dir: Robert De Niro (A Bronx Tale)
Cast: Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Billy Crudup, Michael Gambon, William Hurt, Timothy Hutton
USA, 2006

Seen: January 25, 2007 at the Carlton

Reason to see: Oscar nominated for art direction, also working on my third attempt of #7 on my 101 list: See 1 film a week in the theatre for a year. This is my second film for week 5/52.

This film wasn't for me. It's an interesting premise (beginning formation of the CIA), and there were a lot of good actors but it just didn't pull me in. Some of the notes I took included: What is it even about? I didn't believe...., How would you know that? slow....., etc. I felt like the audience wasn't given enough information to come to the same conclusions the characters did, and that just irks me. It's possible I didn't pick up on everything and it was there, I'm not really sure. I wanted to like it, the 'secret' things, talking in code, seamlessness of events unfolding as they came into plan but I mostly was just left confused.

Shannon's Overall View:
I was waiting for it to end
I wouldn't watch it again
I recommend it to people interested in spy/historical films but don't need there to be action

Warnings: torture

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Tammy said...

Oh, I SO agree with you on this one. I was hoping it would be better, but it was just LONG!!!

Shannon said...

Seems like we were on the same page Tammy!

Jamie said...

Thank you for confirming my thoughts on this film and for the warning about torture. Now I'll be sure to give it a pass.

"I was waiting for it to end" is very descriptive.