Friday, June 29, 2007

Film Fan Fridays for Friday June 29, 2007!!!

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!

We have a wonderful array of films to choose from this long weekend. I would have to say that out of the selections I would strongly recommend getting out to see Let's All Hate Toronto at the Bloor cinema, I had the opportunity to see it and I highly recommend it. Also, it is Canada Day weekend, what better way to embrace our Canadian-ness that getting out to a Canadian film?

For the readers south of the border if you are in a documentary mood you may want to check out Michael Moore's Sicko. On the flip side if you are looking for a slice of action, perhaps Live Free and Die Hard is more your pace. I was happily surprized at the latest Die Hard instalment, it truly is a good action flick. If you are looking for something a little further off the beaten track, try out the eerie Red Road by Oscar winning director Andrea Arnold. On the flip side if you are looking for something more family friendly try the animated Ratatouille.

Have a great Canada Day weekend!

p. s .... although Transformers is scheduled to come out on Tuesday July 3rd, there are showings on the evening of Monday July 2nd at Scotiabank, Varsity, The Beach, Rainbow Fairview and Market Square and other theatres in Toronto.


Festival Watch

Toronto International Portuguese Film Festival
June 28 – July 1, 2007 at the NFB, Toronto

Wednesday June 27, 2007 Releases

Live Free or Die Hard
Dir: Len Wiseman (Underworld, Underworld: Evolution)
Cast: Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant, Justin Long, Maggie Q, Cliff Curtis

Thursday June 28, 2007 Releases

Let's All Hate Toronto
Albert Nerenberg & Rob Spence aka Mr. Toronto
Limited Release

Friday June 29, 2007 Releases

Dir: Lajos Koltai (Fateless / Sorstalans√°g)
Cast: Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Vanessa Redgrave, Natasha Richardson, Toni Collette, Claire Danes, Patrick Wilson, Hugh Dancy

Writer/Dir: Brad Bird (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant)
Voices of Ian Holm, Patton Oswalt and Peter O'Toole

Red Road
Writer/Dir: Andrea Arnold (Wasp )
Cast: Kate Dickie, Tony Curran, Martin Compston, Nathalie Press, Andrew Armour
Limited Release

Writen/Dir: Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11)

Tuesday July 3, 2007 Releases

Dir: Michael Bay (The Rock, Bad Boys, The Island)
Cast: Shia LeBoeuf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Voight

**please note this list of releases reflects first run film released in Toronto, Ontario, Canada June 27 - July 3, 2007**

1 comment:

Sacred Suzie said...

Lets All Hate Toronto? OK, I've never heard of this one and I'm assuming it's tongue-in-cheek?

We're going to try for the new Die Hard this weekend, I'm so excited, which is weird, I didn't think I would be but I am.

Have a great long weekend Shannon!