Friday, July 27, 2007

Film Fan Fridays for Friday July 27, 2007!!!

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!

Welcome to Film Fan Fridays for Friday July 27, 2007! Otherwise known as "somewhere between July and August" to Simpsons fans who this week get what they have possibly been waiting for up to 18 years: The Simpsons Movie.

In limited release we have the French film, My Best Friend starring Daniel Auteuil which looks to be quite a promising comedy. Also gracing limited screens is the biopic Talk to Me based on the life of Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene during the 60's.

In wide release along with The Simpsons we have the thriller I Know Who Killed Me which from the title font and preview I believed to be part of the I Know What You Did Last Summer series, however it is not - it's a stand alone movie, at least for now. If you're looking for a more feel good romantic comedy a likely candidate would be No Reservations with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart.

If none of this weeks releases are really jumping out at you I am happy recommend Sunshine, which opened last week in 1 theatre but has expanded to 7 theatres. It is an excellent, tense SciFi film with spectacular visuals & sound as well as a solid story. It makes it easily into my favourite films of 2007.

Have a great weekend!


Festival Watch:

Peace Reel Outdoor Film Festival
Sundays in July at 8pm at Christie Pits in Toronto, Ontario
July 29, 2007: The Battle of Algiers
With 2 shorts: Juggling in Mosul & Career Opportunity
Fundraising evening for Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

Friday July 27, 2007 Releases

I Know Who Killed Me
Dir: Chris Sivertson (The Lost)
Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Julia Ormond, Neal McDonough

My Best Friend / Mon Meilleur Ami
Dir: Patrice Leconte (L'Homme du Train / The Man on the Train)
Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Dany Boon, Julie Durand, Julie Gayet
Limited Release

No Reservations
Dir: Scott Hicks (Snow Falling on Cedars, Shine)
Cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin, Patricia Clarkson

The Simpsons Movie
Dir: David Silverman (Monsters, Inc., The Road to El Dorado)
Voices: Dan Catellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer

Talk To Me
Dir: Kasi Lemmons (The Caveman's Valentine)
Cast: Don Cheadle, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Cedric the Entertainer, Taraji P. Henson, Mike Epps and Martin Sheen
Limited Release

**please note this list of releases reflects first run film released in Toronto, Ontario, Canada July 27, 2007**

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